Born in Essex, Martyn spent most of his child hood and early teens throwing himself at any sport the parents could afford. Harnessing the creative traits of his dad and the hard working nature of his mum, no job was too big or small or too dirty or challenging. Known to his friends and family as a person who will put his hand to anything and normally come out on top. In his early years he worked as a dental nurse, golf range ball collector and farmer. He fleeted with the ideas of becoming a stunt man to touring the world with a comedy show before he started carving himself a career as a chef in London restaurants.

His passion for food, creativity and the constant desire to develop his career led him on a roller coaster journey through the London catering scene to taking a role at a cookery school, whilst studying for a degree in photography. His passion for sports, adventure and the active lifestyle never left, but took a back seat during the early part of his career.

In August 2015 he found himself taking part in a triathlon as part of bet with a friend. This bet was to start Martyn off on a crazy journey into endurance sport and reignite his passion for adventure. Much like his chefing career he was now on the hunt for the next challenge. By the end of 2017, he had completed Ultra marathons ranging from 40-100 miles, Olympic, half ironman, full Ironman and double ironman distance triathlons. Having the characteristics of someone who couldnโ€™t say โ€˜noโ€™ to a challenge, people were offering up challenges and new races.

In 2015 looking for the next challenge and following his deep rooted passion for sports, adventure and creativity, he created a more extreme triathlon with a friend. The round England triathlon was born, 2200 miles around the circumference of England on a bike, 500 miles of running in Wales and a 50 mile swim in Scotland. Gaining sponsorship from companies, the two friends set off in August for a 14 day journey to circumnavigate England on their bikes. With work duties getting in the way off their adventurous sides the run and swim leg are on hold. With this adventure came a new invigorated passion for sports and with his vast knowledge of food, Martyn gained employment as a Nutritional Development Manager for the UKโ€™s number one online tailored fat loss plan.

Working for the company for 2 years developing a wide variety of recipes and content, he made the decision to leave the corporate lifestyle behind and follow his dreams of content creation for food, adventure and endurance enthusiast. With his knowledge and understanding of food and sports his meal creations are packed full of goodness and let his personality shine through.