The birth of a new era of idiots

Busting myths and telling the truth

The fitness world has seen a big boom over the last few years with people looking for the quick fix on how to get beach body fit in the shortest amount of time and least amount of effort.

All of a sudden fitness has become cool, hip and trendy and people are cashing in on these poor souls who want to be part of the latest fad. It scares me that people are buying into these weight loss programs with very little knowledge and are believing everything they are being spoon fed. They are reaching for anything to help them loose weight for the summer or friends wedding and these companies and plans carefully and sub consciously doop you in with horrendous fronts. Take this for an example – you don’t go and buy a car or house without doing your research – you learn a little and understand enough to have an opinion and question certain decisions being made – why put your health at risk. 



The people who are the face of these companies are not following the plan and are definitely gifted on the metabolism front.

99.999999% of all programs you will buy into are not rocket science. There is no secret formula, all the hype “this is latest way proven to burn body fat” or “eat the latest algae discovered from a medieval cook book that has been proven to burn more fat, build more muscle and give you more energy” is all rubbish. All it simple boils down to is balancing out the amount of calories you eat and the amount of exercise you do. It is very simply an energy balance game – calories are energy if you put less in than you need we call this creating a calorie deficit. There are levels to how much of a deficit you can create and I will explain later.

I have recently been confronted with people doing 8-12 week training programs and aiming for that photo at the end of the training program! Who’s that photo for? THE COMPANY – to sell more un sustainable lifestyles. The plans are there to guide un educated people blindly through the plans to loose weight so they can sell more plans, with people being astonished by the transformations. 

I don’t think we have an obese epidemic I think we have a dubious fitness system that take advantage of the idiots, takes them as far as they want and then let’s them wonder off into the mind boggling world of nutrition, where they end up confused as to why they are putting on weight again – mainly because they are eating more than 1 cornflake and an ice cube covered in artificial sweetener.

This is a sustainable diet

It’s like taking someone up Everest, guiding them the whole way, spoon feeding them everything they need, carrying all of their kit, not educating them on the risks because you are taking care of them all – then when they are at the top leave them and let them find their own way down. Of course they will fail they have no understanding of what to do, the perils that come with it, the questions they need answering and even just the basics.


Education is the key here – educate these clients into the basics of nutrition and tell them to build a sustainable lifestyle. 

Welcome to the world of IN v’s OUT

We have a calorie amount called maintenance – the amount of calories you have to eat to stay alive with no exercise.

In a nut shell

You eat too many calories – you get fat

You eat your maintenance  – stay the same

You eat eat less than your maintenance – loose weight


Think of this as a savings bank account and your monthly expenditure. 


Money = calories

Balance = you


You put money in your savings your balance gets bigger – you get bigger

You put no money in your balance stays the same

You spend too much money and take money from your savings your balance reduces – loose weight

Next step

Bank manager = health

There’s a limit to how much money you can take before the bank manager comes and has words as the scales don’t balance. You keep taking money out of your savings you will end up being in minus numbers, a little is ok but too much and your bank manager will have words. 

I know quite a few people who have been on 8-12 week plans, got cracking results but then lost enthusiasm as the plan was challenging and not sustainable. They are tired and run down but keep saying it’s only 3 more weeks – what happens after those 3 weeks!!!!!! You go back to eating more and putting it all back on because it’s not SUSTAINABLE!!

Imagine being someone who needs 2000 calories a day, then dropping that intake to 1200 calories and adding training on top of that 1000 calories a day!!! That is a form of starvation – yes you will loose weight because your body is breaking down! Think smart and don’t jeopardise your health!

Creating a calorie deficit is one things – taking 5-10% off of your daily maintenance is smart thinking and will start to tap into fat supplies while still holding onto lean muscle. If you start dropping down to 30-40% of your maintenance the body will think your starving!! All your hard work in the gym will be worthless as your body is in fight mode holding on to the nearest food to survive.

Check out James Smith Training for his video –“>HERE

Simple really – it all boils down to the same thing calories in v calories out.

Why not take a small percentage off your maintenance and workout and create a calorie deficit that way. Don’t be fooled by transformation pictures, fads and juice diets. Go old school learn the basics here – understand the simplicity of nutrition and weight loss. 

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