Why are you ignoring me?

Ignoring things wont make them go away – it only makes them harder to face them when they finally come around.

Coming from a complete master in terrible technique – I am happy to hold my hands up and talk about my errors so that hopefully you can learn from them. Making mistakes is part and parcel of developing as a human and athlete but having enough knowledge to avoid making these mistakes in the first place is surely better.

Jumping into things too quickly can be extremely detrimental to your health and well being. If your looking to perform better at any level then you must understand the basics first otherwise you could just be building onto an already un stable foundation.

Try and understand the areas which slow you down or are your weaknesses – (blog on working on weaknesses). This could be muscle tension, postural habits, postural imbalance, poor range of motion, poor efficiency in movement the list is endless. You need to address and understand these areas before moving on and trying to improve your overall performance.

Think of this as building a house: You don’t put the finishing touches to the house before you have laid the foundations. If you have muscle tension in a specific area, don’t avoid this and hope that training will slowly alleviate this tension. Address the situation head on!

Here is a prime example of what not to do – I was told that I had very tight hip flexors and I had to start working on my flexibility and mobility otherwise all my running and training could be counter productive and end up injured. I was very naive and continued training seeing gains in other areas that I was happy with and bypassed the foundations. I know your all probably thinking what an idiot – but at the time I wasn’t having any issues with my hip flexors and everything seemed to be working in order. Skip forward 2 years and a few tough races, the old hips decided to fight back and stitch me up.

I am more frustrated by my own neglect of this area as it could have been prevented. My point of this blog is to take a step back from your training and re evaluate the finer points. Taking a step back and working on your mobility or postural habits could save you from months out due to injury.

The body is a complex beast but by understanding a few basic fundamentals of human anatomy and how the body functions in certain movements can help you achieve bigger and better things. You don’t need to become a master in the field but understanding a few simple principles could save you time and money.

 My three top tips

Learn the basics – build a strong foundation – look after yourself






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