You don’t need to wear leather pants to be a Spartan!

You don’t need to wear leather pants to be a Spartan!


Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 4 years you will be familiar with the OCR (obstacle course race) scene. The all take different guises, some aimed at people wanting a little excitement in their life where they can throw themselves head first into mud puddles and climb up cargo nets, to the more extreme races where you end up getting electrocuted!! Bit much if you ask me – that not an obstacle that’s just stupid!

As the OCR scene went in all different directions Spartan race came out of left field and exploded onto the UK and European OCR scene. Franchised out from the US the main Spartan race format offers you Sprint, Super, Beast and Super Beast (limited to certain weekends) all consisting of a range of obstacles and varying in distance and difficulty.

Sprint – 3+ miles of obstacle racing, 20+ obstacles

Super – 8+ miles, 25+ obstacles

Beast – 13+ miles, 30+ obstacles

Ultra Beast – 26+ miles, 60+ obstacles

spartan 4There is the standard OCR obstacles thrown into the race like monkey bars, cargo nets and heavy carry’s – but then there is the Spartan twist where you can unleash your inner 300 and throw spears at hay targets. But don’t get to excited and start reciting your favourite lines and miss the target – any obstacle that you cant do and fail to complete a punishment of 30 burpees is handed to you on a plate by the marshalls.

BUCK FURPEES video series shows you some helpful tips on how to not get punished on the obstacles

The Spartan races are set in some epic locations, having taken part in the race in Pippingford Park I can vouch for some serious hills, and knowing Scotland quite well the Edinburgh race isn’t going to disappoint with the punishment.

Spartan race has grown massively since gaining a huge sponsor from Reebok – but has still managed to harness the quality and rawness it had from its origins in the US. It is refreshing to see such a well-organised machine of torture rolling around Europe, dishing out burpees left right and centre. If you get into OCR race’s then you will be wanting to give a Spartan race a go – complete the Sprint, Super and Beast to get your hands on a Trifecta medal, a pie piece medal that slots together.


Most of the hardcode athletes or gym goers take on the race with their tops off (men only) as it must be hot or they need to let that 6 pack breath – you are more than welcome to rock up in the full Spartan get up and don the leather pants or come in fancy dress to get the best fire jump photo.

Spartan 2Spartan 3

Reebok Spartan Race’s normally take place over a weekend – if you want to be in with a chance to win race entry to the Edinburgh Spartan Beast race head over to my Instagram feed and like this post.

spartan 7

Instagram martynodell

In the words of a true Spartan Aroooooooooooooo



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