Master the fundamentals

Don’t aim for perfection aim for progress!


I may overuse that saying but it is so true. Small achievable goals helps you stay on tack and helps feel that you are progressing and stops you from getting overwhelmed with unachievable goals. Think of your training improvement as a smooth curve and not a sharp upwards peak.

What you are looking for when you train is a steady arc of improvement which will lower the risk of plateauing and injury.


The way to build a steady arc of improvement is getting the fundamentals right. The fundamentals are the key to success in training or in anything else in life. Master the basics and you will achieve the best results.

It has been said that the elite are elite because they are better at the fundamentals than everyone else.

Master the fundamentals of running, understand the simplest of bio mechanics, work on key muscle groups, figure out your weaknesses and work on them. When you have mastered the fundamentals you will then see results in your training and you will lower the risk of injury.

Think of it like making a cake – you don’t start putting icing on the cake before you have made the cake.

The key to getting the fundamentals right is taking a step back from your current position and speaking to someone with more experience in your chosen topic. It may mean getting help from a coach and letting them break down your movements or help you adjust an already strong base.

Stay strong, stay focused and don’t be shit



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