Don’t ignore a niggle

Ignoring an injury

In early December I had a friend who was struggling with an minor injury/niggle. They were complaining about a lower back pain and tightness in their glutes. This had now lead onto them missing a good chunk of the season and having to pull out of races, as the injury has developed.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the few stages in which we go through when we are injured.

The denial stage – by denying the injury you can exaggerate the injury. Try and accept that you are injured, seek medical advice and set yourself some goals to help deal with the injury.

Anger – why is this happening to me before a big race?! The anger and frustration you feel when you can no longer do something you are passionate about is understandable. Try and think logically and put steps in place to help you deal with the injury.

Bargaining –  Seek help from someone you trust and stick with their rehab process. You are bargaining with your health here, you want a quick fix but you also need to be sensible. Don’t get loads of opinions until the best answer suits your time frame of recovery.

Depression – Long periods spent in downtime and not training can lead to feeling depressed and isolated as your sports community you was a part of are carrying on without you. Try and find a sport or activity that will help you keep your mind active.

Acceptance – Being able to accept that you can’t wish away the injury and you fully stick to your rehab plan. Stress has been linked to injury – so having a positive approach to your injury and not beating your self up can in turn help with your recovery.


Missed a big race that you have been training for? Think positive about it, there is always next year or the year after.

Use your down time to focus on other areas where you may struggle – understanding the bodies physiology, bio mechanic of the body, injury prevention, learn a new skills. Keep the mind and body active.

Being injured sucks but at least your not Donald Trump!


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