Don’t lick a battery

Don’t do it = do it

Why is it when people tell you not to do something you instantly think about doing it and then inevitably end up doing it? “I wouldn’t do that if I was you” is like a red rag to a bull with me.

Off the top of my head…

Don’t lick a battery

Don’t talk to strangers (how was I ever meant to make friends)

Don’t let the dog off the lead

Don’t touch the electric fence

Don’t eat yellow snow

The reason we think about them is because we are human and we have temptation. It is normally summed up by risk and reward. Ultimately the risk is relatively low, your probably not going to die but it could be bloody painful. Fundamentally the reason we do not do these things is because someone or something has told you not to. If we lived our lives like this then there would be no forward momentum in the world.

Take jumping out of a plane for example – I’m sure ‘Pete’ the first person to jump out of a plane with a parachute was probably told by his mate Rick “I wouldn’t do that if I was you” – Pete in his moment of emotional adrenaline fueled fear probably shouted back ‘people like you stop the human population achieving greatness” We need a lot more do(ers) and a lot less Don’t(ers).

Think of something stupid – sum up the risk – and do it!

Make your life worth living, don’t forever live in regret or say “i wish I had….” act upon those wishes and see what happens. The world isn’t going to stop and laugh at you because you fuck something up. Take a moment to think about a few things that have happened in your life where you build something up so much it turned into the be all and end all in the world.

Asking a girl/boy to go out with you when you was younger or even now. Its officially the most awkward/nerve racking thing to do. Whats the worst that can happen – they will say NO and you will be gutted for a few days/weeks/months! Get over it and move on!

Thinking about doing a race – what have you got to loose!? Don’t listen to all those people that say “I wouldn’t do that” – DO IT! What have you go to loose?!! Absolutely f*&K all! A small dent in your pride if you don’t finish.

Think about this… at least you got up there and started the race! All those people telling you not to do it – where were they? Use that negativity and turn that into a ‘F*&k you mentality’ – prove those people wrong.

*NB – Maybe listen to someone with a bit more experience if you don’t want to fully break your self but at the same time go out there have a laugh and live your life.

I had a good friend who I planed a trip with – lets call him Jake for the purpose of this story! He had a few people who were very un supportive (jealous) of our adventure and constantly put a negative outlook on what we were doing.

“I wouldn’t do it like that, you wont finish, don’t eat yellow snow” – it was constant – we both talked loads about it all and we turned all these negative into positive energy and thought “F*&K YOU” – we turning all these Don’t(ers) comments into positives we nailed 2,200 miles in 14 days around England unsupported and only eat yellow snow once – maybe they were right on that one!

Don’t(ers) = boring/sensible/over thinkers people

Do(ers) = fun/creative/awesome people

We are going to make mistakes, but we wouldn’t know it was a mistake until you have made it. Prove someone wrong! Life is about making mistakes it is our choice whether we act on them or not.

Just don’t be a dick!

Demand respect and authority

Pit Viper


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