The rise of the idiots

Surround yourself with idiots and you will be an idiot…

Taken from one of my favourite TV shows ‘Nathan Barley’ “The rise of the idiots” is the title of one of the characters articles. This article predicts the future that we live in now – it rages about the rise of the style over substance culture and scarily predicts things such as the hipster, video blogs, craft beer and smart phones. Leading to the point that you end up having to be apart of the culture to fit in.

My point for this blog is about your training, your life, your race day prep, just general life and how not to be an idiot or maybe be an idiot.

When training don’t surround yourself with idiots – train smart and train with motivated people who are going to push you and help deliver better results. Idiots will draw your attention away from your goal and make you focus on things like spirulina powder and ginseng dust. Which leads me onto my next point.

Train/work with people better than you. Don’t be too proud to train/work with people that are better than you. One factor in our life is that we need to continually learn to progress in life. Aim for progress and not perfection. Working with someone better than you will keep your mind active and help you learn. Much like in training for a race or triathlon, there is a reason they are better than you so probably listen.

Think back to that time when you said ‘fuck im such an idiot’ now imagine if you could freeze that moment and have the thought process of ‘would and idiot do that?’ This would normally make you stop you from doing that moment – if the answer is yes and and you carry on your an idiot (which could be interesting) – if you don’t question this moment you are an idiot.

Allow a few idiots into your life – i used to be the idiot. I used to mess up situations, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and generally be an idiot. But I have learnt and so should you. Have a few friends in your social circles that are idiots. The reasons for this is it will allow you to see from an external view how idiots are, you will no longer want to be an idiot and your life will be infinitely better knowing you are not an idiot.

Sometimes its fine to be an idiot as long as you question that moment of being an idiot. Let the inner idiot have the thought and question it. Sometimes the idiot in you can drive you to achieve great and ridiculous goals. Lets take for example the creation of the ironman. The ironman then was truly a ridiculous idea – only an idiot or a crazy person would do that. Now look there are so many new races to cater for all of us idiots – double, triple, quin, deca ironmans! Where will it stop. It will stop when the idiots stop!

From writing this I have come to the conclusion that we are all idiots just on different levels we just need to embrace and be aware of how much of an idiot we are how to rationalise the inner idiots thoughts.

Embrace the inner idiot but don’t let the Idiot win (all the time)!

Heres me being an idiot – I went for a long swim in my speedos in very hot weather and didn’t discuss the possibilities of getting burnt with my inner idiot!



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