Never give up…

Don’t finish before you have finished.

One thing that I started to realise when I took on bigger and bigger races was the mental aspect of races was so imporatant to give as much attention to as the physical.

Lets think of the reasons as to why people hit the wall at 22-23 miles in the marathon? From my personal experience I think they have been so stressed out about not finishing that they have been putting so much focus and energy into keeping their body going that as soon as they know they are nearing the end and they will finish they let their guard slip and their body is caught of guard and starts to give up and relax. Its almost like a safety blanket.

I would love to run an experiment where the mile markers were taken out of the race or they were put in at the wrong point. Maybe running from mile 18-19 was 2 miles – just to see the mentality of the runners.

There must be a mindset or way to control the final few miles and keep your mind switched on and focussed to the end. Would love to discuss if there are any sports psychologist out there.

This video is pretty cheese ball but it rings true about not knowing the distance you have to travel.

Keep on training, demand respect and authority



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