The key to not f*&king up!

How not to f*&k up in life

By Martyn Odell

Excuse my french!

I received a card that said ‘Don’t fuck it up’ and made me think about how not to f*&k up!

We teach ourselves new things everyday, we f*&k things up everyday, we hopefully learn from these mistakes and improve – this is the journey of life, this is how we become who we are.

We all need to build skills to combat problems that happen in our day to day lives. Life is all about learning something new, if we didn’t learn anything new then we wouldn’t know anything and we would get really bored right?!

One of my the main things that I have learnt and seen in my life is how people REACT and how that can change a situation. We need to understand the certain triggers that make us REACT.


Don’t react to small negative events during the day – this can be a trigger to make the rest of the day terrible. Decide on a better way to respond, than your knee jerk reaction, acknowledge it but don’t react to it immediately.

Having the thought is the best way to deal with a reaction.

People know when something is up or something has happened with me, I am a very un confrontational person so I tend to go very quiet and sit in my self to allow all the thoughts that are stewing sort themselves out before I speak in what I think is a clear and constructive fashion. I am not perfect and I have f*&ked up lots of situations but I have learnt from my mistakes.

I think it is very important to not react to minor situations in your day to day – i need my brain space to have fun and be creative. Just imagine stressing out about someone using the last bit of toilet roll and you’ve already started your number 2!!!  Don’t react and flip out, think outside the box and use the shower! Don’t go and take it out on your flat mate or partner you don’t know their situation! That romantic dinner you made last night could have been the catalyst! That was a crap analogy!

All im trying to say really is take that moment to let the moment sink in, react in a positive and constructive manor! Wouldn’t we all have so much fun if we didn’t argue and get stressed.


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