Why do we wait to do things?

Top excuses

I don’t have enough money

I don’t have enough time

I don’t have enough qualifications

I’m too old

The list is endless and I for one was making these excuses in my day to day life. I found myself living a very un full filled life not knowing what or where I wanted to do or be. I wasn’t sad or miserable but kept questioning where my life was going. I would look at people out traveling and having amazing adventures with envy. I would have these great ideas of how all of my love and passion could come together but would never act upon them. Why didn’t I act upon them? Im still trying to figure that out for myself……

It is strange that I make these excuses in my day to day life but not when im out running or exercising. I am not a psychologist but it has always intrigued me as to how a good run can be a cure for depression and anxiety. Do a quick google search of ‘depression and anxiety running’ You will get a host of great articles about the pro’s of running.

The reasons we make excuses..

Fear of failure

Fear of change

Fear of responsibility

Fear of uncertainty

Again the list is pretty endless – but these few are very personal to me.

Fear of failure – I was worried if i was to act on my impulse and go freelance I would fail starting up a business. You don’t know until you try right!?!? In races I never feared failure I would give it my best shot if I failed I would come back and try again. It feels like gambling – life stakes are a lot higher than race stakes. We shouldn’t fear failure – The 4 minute mile wasn’t run on the first attempt. Steve Jobs wasn’t successful straight away, he failed plenty.

Fear of change – We can get ourselves into a comfortable position at work and sit their hating it because it is easy, but the routine is good for us. Change would mean a change to the normal and routine which a lot of people fear. If the start time of a race would change or last minute alterations to the course I would just adapt and come up with a game plan. Why do we allow ourselves to be fearful of change, change is good, change is something new, a new challenge. If we never got challenged in life it would be boring, change keeps us guessing.

Fear of responsibility – I have never worked for myself I have always worked for a company and it was their responsibility to get customers through the door for me to work. I have always been fearful of taking that responsibility on, because that would lead to the chance of failure. In a race situation I have to take on the responsibility to care for myself and others on the course, and this is something I never think of when out doing a race it is just natural human instinct.

Fear of uncertainty – The most powerful fear of all in this bracket is finance and not knowing what is going to happen in the next few weeks. The overwhelming fear of not knowing about job security, if a client will pay on time. My fears of going freelance, grew from the uncertainty of not knowing where clients and money would magically appear from. Linking back to races, the fear of uncertainty plays a big part. Making a wrong decision on a course could take you way off track and add hours on to your race, but you deal with it.


The consequences of excuses

Making excuses can have huge consequences on the way you live your life. We need to know how to deal with and rationlise these excuses so they can sit within out everyday life but also find a way of combating them and question our own thought process.

Its good to questions your excuses and work things out otherwise they can lead to:


Bad judgement


Lack of potential growth


Im going to leave you with two quotes/sayings that I have used to combat any feeling of uncertainty – stress – fear of failure.

Excuse my french…..

“Fuck it, whats the worst that can happen?”

This really helps me rationalise my decision making – a rhetorical question that really helps me make good judgement about life choices and give me confidence to approach obstacles.

“Its the body you’ve got for the rest of your life so you might as well get used to it”

This is one for self confidence, hate your arms, hate your legs, hate your bum. Its the body you have so you might as well get used to it. Make a positive change and try and combat those troubled areas, don’t beat yourself up about what god did to you we cant all be perfect otherwise life would be boring right!?

Stay happy, stay strong, get out there and live your life.

A great addition is this link

A Life of excuses


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