The most employable industry in the world!?

The food industry is one of the most employable industries in the world and it is such an exciting industry to work in. The stories, the memories, the places I have worked have helped me put life into perspective. It has taken me all over the world, a universal visual simuli that is a great conversation starter if you don’t speak the language. A brilliant way to find a common ground and start a series of strange faces to describe the taste and effect a certain ingredient has..

Having worked in the catering industry for the best part of 15 years it still surprises me with opportunities that pop up. I was lucky enough to work for the number one weight loss diet plan in the UK, creating recipes and working on nutritional content for the company. I was no longer working long hours at restaurants and events but being creative in the kitchen working office hours and using my creative side developing recipes and photographing them. Pairing up food and sports was never on my radar years ago, it has helped me understand my body with my training I have been doing – now I am looking to pair up my love of food, creativity, sports and my “personality” to do some TV work.

The point of this post is to speak volumes about how having the skills of cooking can take you all over the world and open up plenty of doors that you often thought were closed.

Here is a short Show reel I put together



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