Do I make mistakes? YEAH!

Whilst chatting to a friend about his recovery from an ultra marathon, i felt like i was talking to myself a few years ago! Follow this link to see why and check out my crash course Strength & Conditioning circuit for your legs.

I had this moment of realising that all of the stuff we do in life we are never perfect at to begin with and we consistently make mistakes which we correct to make better, if you don’t correct those mistakes then you are an idiot! One of my favourite lyrics from a song is…

“The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Anon

I started thinking about my training and when i first started training. I made mistakes of neglecting certain aspects of my body when training and not paying attention to stretching and recovery. I paid for those mistakes and have corrected those issues and learnt a very harsh lesson. There is certain aspects of training that will help but there no rhyme or reason what works for you as an individual. You will need to make those mistakes yourself and figure out what works for your body. All the best runners and athletes would not become perfect over night.

Dont strive for perfection strive for progress. 

Those small steps will end up taking you closer to perfection or a level that you are happy with.

This saying of striving for perfection can be applied to all aspects of life. Life is not fair and certain things happen that are hard to deal with and you probably made a mistake at some point along that journey. Learn and accept those mistakes and move on and build a better you. I made some mistakes in relationships, work and races but I have learnt from them and made changes. I am still pretty young at 30 but feel like the journey I have been on with my sport and nutrition goals are much like life.

I was a complete idiot in my teenage years and early twenties going through that whole phase of self discovery not really knowing what I was doing. Messing up relationships, taking on bad habits and having a general disregard for my body! All these mistakes I made sent me into a downward spiral of self destruction, to combat these errors something had to change so i took up endurance sports! I then made all the same mistakes but in the context of ultra marathons and endurance events. I went head first into long runs with a total disregard for my body, thinking whats the worst that can happen. Bad habits crept in and i was punished for them, I made the mistakes and changed my technique and touch wood everything is on track!

My point of this post is that the best way to understand yourself is to make those mistakes and make the positive change. Get out there live your life make a few bad decisions and ultimately there will be more rights than wrongs! I have now found my happy medium, of course I am still making mistakes but they are new mistakes and I will learn from those.

Have fun and live life Martyn ‘Ghandi’ Odell


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