Cant fire a canon from a canoe

I have made plenty of mistakes in my short time of being an endurance athlete; one of my passions is injury prevention and I hope this helps. I went to a runner’s injury prevention day back in 2015 and never had a serious problem since (says he with a pulled groin). What this day taught my very naive self was that there is a lot more to running than just strapping on your shoes and knocking out big miles. (don’t forget your shorts)

When I first started running I was getting little niggles here and there and thought if I just ran more I would get stronger. This was the ultimate schoolgirl error! What I did to my body was not good; I was just battering muscles and tissue that wasn’t ready for the punishment of 80+ miles a week.

My recovery was shocking; I would finish a run, jump in the shower do some crap football player stretches and think that would do the trick! I could not be more wrong!

Fast forward 2 years and I have learnt a lot. I am not going to preach to you and tell you that my training is perfect and will work for everyone. But the strength based training and stretching I do has taken me through some tough ultra marathons, endurance events and allowed me to enjoy them and walk away after.


Here is a little circuit that I do to strengthen all the key muscle groups for running and cycling. It doesn’t involve any equipment, but you can throw some extra weight in there to add a touch more intensity.


Perform this circuit without a break – repeat 3-4 times


Exercise Description Reps
Squat jumps Nice and simply squat down to 90 degrees and explode up 20 – 30 reps
Bulgarian split squats Get into a lunge position with one leg elevated on a chair or bench. Lower down and explode up 15 reps each leg
Jumping lunge Perform a lunge, explode up and switch legs. 15 reps each leg
Box jumps Find a bench or box that you feel comfortable jumping onto. Jump up and step down.


15 reps
Driving knee Step up onto bench or box and drive knee through. 15 reps each leg

* Have a quick google of the movements just to make sure you are performing the correct form.

This is a very simple circuit but also very effective to get the right muscles firing and to help you build power for running. It will also help condition the muscles without the impact of running.

Building you that strong platform from which you can fire a canon from a canoe!


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