As one door closes another one opens

So its been an up and down few weeks, firstly ive been nursing an injury and that has now well and truly set in and looks like it is going to ruin the next month. I have pulled out of the famous Dragons Back which is a real shame as I have been training for a long time. I saw a physio yesterday who said i have some damage to my iliofemoral ligament which was a posh way of saying I had a groin strain. Its been bugging me for months with a little niggle that has progressively got worse. A few needles in my body and some extremely painful pressure point work seemed to do the trick, I am now on the road to recovery and things are looking positive in the fact that i will be repaired.

In other news I have this little event to look forward to with some great individuals.

The Two’r

I will be putting up content on the preparation for the race from all the guys involved. Looking at their journey as to why and how they are taking part in endurance sports, nutritional content based on training and race day prep. These guys have some truly inspirational stories coming from the ordinary man.

Watch this space its going to be a good one.


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