Why does it happen?

I have been training and feeling healthy all year round then a month before one of the biggest challenges of my life I have a niggling injury that is making me doubt whether I should take part in the race.

My training has been very simple and i have seen great results. I am a bit rogue in my training compared to most endurance athletes. I have focused mainly on strength and conditioning work than putting in the long miles. My focus started in 2015 after I really destroyed my body on a race, my body wasn’t built for the punishment and I really suffered.

My strength and conditioning circuits are paired with the occasional long distance run interspersed through the month to make sure the legs are still ticking over nicely. This all proved to work very well when i took over 2 hours off my time from a previous race. A lot of runners I speak to in these long distance events neglect the focus of conditioning the right muscles and you can tell when it comes to race day.

For now I am just resting and stretching the injury and hope that it gets better over the next few weeks. Foam rolling out the muscles and hitting myself up with some BetterYou Magnesiumย spray to keep all my other muscles in peak condition. The race is huge and really want to go their in the best shape of my life, mentally and physically I have never been stronger but with this injury looming over me questions have started to creep in.

MagnesiumFor now all I can focus on is working on race day prep.

  • Making sure my kit is all there
  • I understand the registration process
  • Travel and transport is all sorted
  • Nutrition planned out

If all of these factors are taken care of then all I have to do is turn up and run right?!

The Dragons Back 2017


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