The Barkley Marathons – The race that eats its young 2017

The Barkley Marathon is one of the most incredible stories in ultra marathon races. A hysterical mix of rules and signing up instructions.

Just a few here:

  1. The distances are all approximate each loop between 20-26 miles – with over 54,200 feet in total.
  2. Registration is a closely guarded secret and costs you a whopping $1.60
  3. Each year a different item is requested from race director Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell – from white socks to flannel shirts.
  4. The race consists of 5 loops all ran in the same direction.. until the final loop where runners must run in opposite directions os they cant follow one another.
  5. 15 people have finished the race since its conception in 1986..
  6. My favourite of all the rules. They have a space saved for someone who doesn’t stand a chance of finishing – called the ‘human sacrifice’

It is one hell of a mine field of hilarious rules and regulations that you need to see to believe. The documentary is worth a watch – The Barkley Marathons – The race that eats its young.

The 2017 race finished last night and it didn’t disappoint with drama. One person finished this year John Kelly on his 3rd attempt, which kind of sadly went under the radar as all of the attention was given to Gary Robbins who sadly missed out by 6 seconds..

His full blog post is here –  Gary Robbins – Close, But No Cigarette this is definitely one for the bucket list and i look forward to following all the training stories and races in the future.



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