Almost Mount Generoso…

I have been lucky enough to come out to Switzerland and spend some time writing and training in the Swiss and Italian mountains.

Having never visited Switzerland I was blown away by the amount of huge mountains dotted around everywhere. There is an incredible Trail network that is easy to follow, you can just forget about navigation and just follow the yellow signs for hours and hours. It is an incredible place to hike and get some serious vertical miles in.


Strava – Link

Suunto Movescount – Link

Food: Banana, Snickers, Apple, 2 x 500ml water

I spent my first day here getting completely lost in the hills outside Mendrisio. I headed out of the town towards the hills and kept my eye out for the little yellow signs that would direct me onto the trails. I was far too excited and ran past all of the signs and onto a small mountain road. I was heading up and thats all that  mattered to me.. I had a friendly competition with a few cyclist on the roads as we kept passing each other. I was running down off the road to shoot some video and photos, then would pop up back onto the road.


I was blown away by the endless feeling of going up, I have run in some hilly places before but this was incredible, a relentless hour of going up and I had only just reached my first signs of a trail. I had now discovered the yellow sign trail, which was clearly marked with a red a white striped symbol. It was like a treasure trail looking out for the red and white stripes painted on trees and walls as you followed the paths.


I continued climbing up towards Monte Generoso, I did not have a clue where I was but was happy to be greeted by some incredible views looking out across the mountains and lakes. I was later told that I could see as far as Mont Blanc from where I was.


On the way down I followed the yellow signs all the way down along the trails. Once you know what to look for with the little red and white stripes navigation becomes so simple you really can enjoy every minute of your walk or run. The views back down over Mendrisio and surroundings towns was spectacular on the way down.


The first day of running in Switzerland was an absolute joy, it was then back to the flat for some stretching and recovery with BetterYou magnesium spray.

The evening at the flat consisted of looking for the best uninterrupted trails that the area had to offer – I think my laptop was ready to explode with the amount of tabs that was open on my internet explorer. The list of incredible runs and hikes was overwhelming. Lets see whats next.




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